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KMP was established in 2009 with the goal of promoting original Zambian music. The performance featured gospel music, afro-pop dancehall, R'n'B, and dancehall hip-hop. The concert also showcased performers like Uncle Rex who is a local hip-hop legend. The show took place under the direction of DJ Cosmo. The show was followed with a torchlight candlelit vigil in celebration of Daev Zambia.


This was the very first time that it was possible to stage a concert in the stadium. Around five hundred patrons were in attendance, with a VIP section that was packed to capacity. The acts featured Chanda Na Kay Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, Leo Muntu and others. Numerous new and emerging musicians performed during the event, and the VIP section was full.

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The performers of the evening were established and young artists. It was a great night for the Dope Boys, Wilz, Mozegetar, T.Bwoy and Leo Muntu performed. The VIP section was packed, and fans enjoyed every minute of the show. The VIP section was full of attendees and the show was a sellout. It was a great evening. It was a great way to kick off a brand new musical time.

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After the concert and after party, there was a celebration for the performers as well as VIP guests. Chanda Na Kay Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, Leo Muntu and T-Bwoy sat down to a packed house. In the VIP section, there was plenty of capacity as was the VIP area in the main venue. As well as a VIP section the stage was set to host the concert.

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The show began with a performance by Leo Muntu and Wilz and the audience took in a new generation of Zambian music. This was the most popular section of the event, and that section of the venue was brimming with fans. All the bands were enjoying themselves, and the VIP area had a throng of people enjoying the event. The night was successful for the musicians and people who attended. The show was sold out within just a few hours.

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The show began the show with Chanda Na Kay Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, and Leo Muntu performing new times of music. This section of the concert was full of supporters and the VIP segment was full of musicians and music lovers. The show was awash with Zambian musicians. The performers performed to their patrons. The VIP area was packed with people.

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The VIP area was crammed with music enthusiasts and the this section was full. The show featured notable performers included Leo Muntu, Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, and T-Bwoy. A new era of Zambian music was created. They were all welcomed open arms and danced and sang. Both the artists Chanda Na Kay Bulongo and crowd were awed.

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At the time of the performance, the VIP seating was full and the VIP section was full with fans. Many different performers were on stage. The line-up included Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, and Leo Muntu. At the event, the VIP section was full of fans. After the show the crowd went home content. They walked away feeling more than satisfied.

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The VIP section was full with people and guests. Diverse artists performed during this performance. The new music generation was revealed through the performances from Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, and Mozegetar. The VIP section was crowded with VIP members and spectators. The concert was attended by VIP members. was a VIP section. It was for free. The event was a success. It was free and open to all the public.

The VIP section at the event was crowded with fans. There was a huge crowd of Zambian artists. They performed to an audience of diverse people. The VIP section of the concert was full of VIPs. This concert was extremely popular with the music industry. There was a huge turnout with the arena packed. The VIP section of the concert was full of people. In fact, the show was a huge success. The VIP area of the event was packed with people.