cloud-based contract management system




cloud-based contract management system

Around 80% or more of the business operations are governed by contracts. Contracts are an essential part of any company. If you're a young enterprise or a big corporation it is likely that you will be managing hundreds of contracts . They include partnerships agreements, non-disclosure agreements general employment agreements, equipment and property contracts The list is innumerable. How effectively are you managing them? Do you still rely on paper, spreadsheets and other legacy systems? Have you thought about shifting to contracts management software? If yes, then this article is for you.

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Before you invest in a contract management program, make sure you look over the following seven questions to avoid the pitfalls.

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Does the software have AI capabilities?

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With the sheer volume of contractsto manage, maintaining uniformity in managing contracts, as well as retrieving important information is an enormous problem. It is possible that organizations do not have a uniform way to organize their contract databases. If your business is a good example, it has a large number of procurement contracts with differing renew dates and renegotiation agreements. A team of workers could be required to spend hours investigating, reviewing and documenting the data to ensure the opportunity isn't missed. Instead, if you go for an AI-powered contract management system, the task can be completed in mere minutes. With Doc.AI capabilities, data like names of contracts, renewal dates agreements, and other terms of negotiation can be extracted. This facilitates to review, approve and sign off.

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It's not just about it. Additionally, advanced contract-management systems with AI capabilities can aid in the review of the contract, assess clauses and classify contracts according to the kind of clauses. AI-enabled CMS could also assist in being in compliance with the ever-changing rules. NLP examines each document and provides a list of threats and opportunities.

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Are there templates that are standard for contract drafting and editing?

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Drafting contracts is one of the most difficult things to do. You can imagine just how laborious it would make it to prepare documents with similar clauses such as terms and terms, words, and basically the same content a number of times. This is why your CMS is required to have simple templates and clause libraries in several areas. Utilizing these templates which have been approved by your editorial and legal teams, it is easy to write contracts without issues with language. Also, a section to centralize and standardize contracts ensures that you have all angles of the contract, which allows you to track the contract's history using customizable filters. You can also work with colleagues to review editing, storing and revising.

What is the potential ROI? What is the amount my company can save?

Savings figures are the most persuasive factors to make the best decision whether to decide to invest in a contractual management method or no. A study by Goldman Sachs concluded that an automated contract management system can improve negotiations by 50 %, cut payment mistakes by 75 to 90 percent, lower the cost involved in managing contracts between 10 and 30 percent , and reduce the amount of staff needed for contract management by 10 to 20 percent. It is true that contract management does have the potential to be a value-for-money option, if you choose it correctly.

Ideally, you need to take into account factors such as the time spent on audits and monitoring renewal dates, reduction in contract disputes and new opportunities and a reduction in the sales cycle.

Is the solution scalable?

The majority of providers in markets claims they offer solutions that are tailored to meet the demands of every organization. However, is this really the case? Instead, instead of spending a lot on customization, thoroughly describe the workflow, the critical processes changes that must be made, examine options with more precise questions.

A good example is: in a typical workflow for managing contracts where the writer writes the documents the system routes the document to the person who approves. However, rather than relying on this simple characteristic, a tweak might be an email message containing the document link sent to the approver. The link should also support or work on the entire range of devices: smartphones, tablets as well as desktops.

In the same way an extremely flexible software can make it difficult and cumbersome to use, and the simplicity may be insufficient. Therefore, it's a smart idea to evaluate the benefits and complexity of the staff that will use the software and take the necessary steps to make adjustments.

What are some notable features that can streamline manual processes?

The contracts in a system for contract management are kept in a secure, centrally located and searchable repository , with user-based access. This ensures compliance to the highest standards and large-scale reports. For instance, contracts could be easily traced, and the process of reviewing and signing could be automated by electronic signatures. Another example is the use of metrics as well as analytics. To pull out information on how long it took negotiations, contract participants can quickly look over problems, calculate the number of iterations needed and make comprehensive reports. This will assist when adding clause libraries, gain insight into past performance and reducing the contract cycle times.

A different important thing to look at is the redlining of contracts, also known as editing. Redlining is the process of highlighting the text in order to mark changes, additions or deletions, as well as approvals and rejections. This function is beneficial particularly when two or more users wish to work on the identical document in a collaborative manner. It will give you greater ability to review and negotiate contracts.

How easy it is to use and deploy?

A contract management program that offers a simple interface as well as user-friendly features will be loved by your end users. To reap maximum benefits, when deploying the software, it is recommended to integrate it with existing systems that will cut down on times spent moving between platforms. For example, integrating CRM and the latest contract software could help salespeople automatically transfer customer information, build agreements and direct them to approval, while also being in control of all the expirations, renewals and other dates.

The next step would be to check for the onboarding process. Ideal if it's an open-source solution so that you are able to launch and start operating within a couple of weeks' time. Don't forget that long deployment times are not viable anymore.

7. Will the data and private information be safe?

Last but not the least Security of data is of crucial importance. As contracts contain highly confidential and sensitive information need to be shielded from unauthorized access . This will help you earn the confidence of your family including partners, vendors or customers. Plus, the increasing cyber attacks and malicious threats make businesses more susceptible to risk of potential legal fiscal, brand, and financial obligations. If you're about to maintain the trust of your principal business contacts Make sure the service provider hasn't been the victim of serious security violations.

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